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PeTalk & Dog Smartphone

Dog Smartphone

2017.02.01 MBC NEWS Broadcasting

PeTalk System


The world's first animal translator

We have developed PeTalk system, which enables communication with pets with ease.

This is exclusive and the best technology we have.

To explain, we have defined algorithm of animal barking sound pattern & emotional expression.

The great advantage of PeTalk is that we can achieve accuracy of big data through deep running and it is the world's first remote diagnosis (veterinary hospital) regarding skin diseases, diarrhea, ear, eye abnormalities, etc. Other advantages include Emotional expression of companion animals and owners bidirectional communication(image, text, voice and video) , the world's first visual chat through smartphone and TV, improvement of the health management of the companion animals (prevention of depression and dementia), and tracking using GPS module.

We registered patent(10-1552289) & PCT regarding wearable device (10-1785888) regarding algorithm in Korea.

Welcome investors! Thank you.

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